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Chief Financial Officer

Strategy work, financial management, project management, facilitation, sparring, and presence. You might be interested e.g. in cases you need a seasoned CFO, Change lead to create modern finance department or to align future opportunities.

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Does Your organization need a new direction or just some fresh air?

Benefit from new winds

I have 20+ years experience in the business world and several qualified exams e.g. M.Sc. (Finance and Accounting), Future Shaper-, Occupational Wellness Coach and  Board of Directors.

I'll bring You a broad range of knowledge from international growth organizations in different industries and in different levels of business management.

  • 10+ years as a A&F professional (Controller or CFO)
  • 2000+ hours as a Trainer and Coach,
  • 5+ years work at the level of Management Group (finance, HR and IT) and Board of Directors